Tearing up London!

Bike crews are pulling off death-defying stunts in London’s rush-hour traffic. To the public, it’s a spectacle of recklessness. But for the cyclists, these mass ride-outs are a means of survival.

It’s a bright summer day in central London and a swarm of tourists are snapping selfies overlooking the River Thames. Out of nowhere, hundreds of teenage boys on bikes flood onto London Bridge from the south.

Spreading out across all lanes, they block traffic and throw their front wheels defiantly up to the sky. A few riders break away from the group, jumping the barrier between lanes before wheelieing their way down the wrong side of the road, swerving at the last moment to avoid oncoming vehicles.

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LA’s other cycling world…

Earl Garrett, 79, stopped by Paisano’s Bike Shop in South Los Angeles last week to get a new lock for a red two-wheeler that’s also a veteran soldier of the streets.

The Watts resident told me he hasn’t had a car since 1970 and uses his bike for work, like thousands of others in Los Angeles…

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