10 Replies to “You don’t tell Death Spray Custom…”

  1. Just a heads up for anyone wondering, this is a Fuji track frame, looks most like either the 1 or 1.1, not to be confused with the Fuji Track Pro, which has replaceable drop outs and integrated seat post mast.

    1. you’re right. but as an owner of a 2012 fuji track 1.0, i can certainly say that the bike does come equipped with replaceable drop outs. subsequent ftp’s built after that year, no longer (unfortunately) possess seat masts.

      1. just took a gander at tracko’s flickr, and i would like to ammend my previous comment. the geo appears to be different from my 1.0 (sloping top tube). i don’t believe this is a fuji track bike :-/

  2. It’s my Giant Omnium Size L
    Respect to DSC for the ‘Big Bang’ paint
    Thanks for the positive comments and to Kyle for the pics
    Ride Fast

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