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Anybody know anything about this particular bike or the brand?


  1. clng says:

    XB3 = HVZ Harkov Velociped Zavod, a Russain brand

  2. qwewq says:
  3. qwewq says:
  4. Tinj says:

    Рекорд = Record, XB3 is Ukrainian not Russian. I read a pretty informative thread on Fixed Gear London about these bikes at some point. There are also a bunch of XB3’s on PedalRoom, one is nearly identical to this very bike.

  5. zlovata says:

    If somebody have any questions about soviet/ukranian/russian frames, feel free to ask me via email, or in my blog:

  6. Eric says:

    I owned one. Khirkov, and they produced the bicycles for the Soviet team.

    Great geometry, but terrible craftsmanship. Bad brazing. Mine was from 1989, so, not a happy time in the USSR. It finally died last summer … loud ping ping ping noises coming from the tubes, I think there was a crack.

  7. mikitski says:
  8. mikitski says:

    and how about this gem (same factory as Record)

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