VYNL For Hurricane Relief!

Texas based artist Stephanie Pina and Miami based artist Adriana Mazariegos designed posters that celebrate their local cycling scene, and what makes each place so fantastically rad. In their own words:


Miami – “Miami in itself is like a secluded paradise, and The Oasis Cafe is also a place cyclists in Miami and the surrounding areas frequent often after their rides. I loved the play on the concept because of its double meaning. It’s also a reminder that Florida has seen a lot of hurricanes but our house is strong and we rebuild.” -Adriana Mazariegos


Texas – “I decided to keep it simple and design an icon pattern of things that you will see riding through the local roads of Texas such as armadillos, Blue Bonnets, snakes, cacti, and of course our Texas state flag. They are the unique sights along the way that make the riding here so wonderful.” -Stephanie Pina


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