True South Instagram Auction for Woody!

As most of you know…Woody, 1/3 of Golden Saddle Cyclery, National Track Champion, and Olympic Mechanic was hurt during a mountain bike accident in Sedona and the bills are starting to pile up!

True South has set up an auction on Instagram, with original art from artist across the states.  All proceeds from this auction will be donated to Woody to help with immediate expenses and medical bills down the road.

Read more about the auction…HERE!

And checkout all the art…HERE!

Here’s a few of the artist involved…

@timhendricks @jordanfst @erik_gillespie @jasonmcafee @noble1 @jojoackermann @josharment @nickcolella @jonmirro @eric_perfect @mattarriola @bubba321flt @featherhand @port_city_tattoo @palehorsetattoo @rossnagle @dcavalcante @dehoot @lesismoore11 @littlebabylinda @boltthrower @dansmith @mrcrojas @thomaskenneytattoo @beauxbrady @chadramsay @chrisxempire @classicjuan @benmack @talleymatthew @adriansanchez @bryceoprandi @adrianrogersanchez @dringenberg @dringenbergco @rakinglightprojects

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