Tracko Stars & Stripes Pre-Sale!

Now through February 28th, 2013 I’ll be doing a pre-sale for the first ever Tracko kit.  Endo Customs is looking at a 6 week turn around period, so I will be dividing the orders up.  All orders placed before February 14, 2013 will go into production on the 15th and all orders placed after, will start on the first of March.  When this pre-sale is over, the kit design will be locked into the vault and will not be available again for many years.


 And if you don’t know, now you know!

Pre-swoop These Colors Ride…HERE!

Pre-swoop The New Wave…HERE!

Pre-swoop Rule #14 Unisex Bib…HERE!


  1. d says:

    hi , is there a sizing chart anywhere for endo products? thanks

  2. kumo says:

    Is Women’s version available? Cheers

  3. tucker says:

    Man I want that Red, White and Blue. Keep that pre-order open, if this month is good, I gotta get me one.

  4. Aaron says:

    I want a pair of shorts that say made in the USA on the butt!

    -Aaron, recently watched leadville bike race

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