Tour d’Afrique with Cinelli BOOTLEG!

 The Tour d’Afrique is the longest and most exciting bicycle race in the world – 12,000 km from Cairo to Cape Town. I think it is the ultimate test of endurance and tenacity amidst some of the most beautiful environments and cultures in the world.
After participating in the Tour d’Afrique 2012, Cinelli BOOTLEG comes at the 2013 TdA edition with a brand new frame, baptized “Hobo”, designed specifically for the African red earth, the ultra cycling races and long ride adventures.
I personally took part at TdA 2012 by collecting feedback to design the new frame. I was in Ethiopia last week to test the new frame during the “meltdown madness” section. An amazing experience! I’ll back in Africa to ride the last part of the Tour with other Cinelli’s friends.
I love Africa, and bicycle long races. Riding a bicycle is the perfect place for exploring and encountering Africa on the outside and one’s own personal limits on the inside..
The project is strictly connected to the fundraising project of the TdA Foundation ( with the aim to donate bicycles to individuals and organizations in Africa.


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