swrve Jeans!

“If I was going to ride a bike in a pair of jeans, these would be it!” – Tom Boonen

more images…HERE!

At first I wasn't a fan of the cut, but after wearing them for three weeks straight …I must say I like my jeans baggy! Not Kris Kross baggy but maybe 2008 Kanye West baggy (I'd wear that outfit). But for the skinny jeaned Ramones type…they do make a skinny fit!

Here are some features listed by swrve

-low waist in front to prevent your belt from digging into your gut
-higher waist in back to stay respectable and to keep you warm
-articulated knees for a better fit on a bike or barstool
-seamless gusseted crotch for comfort
-back pockets fit a mini U-lock
-cell phone pocket on side to stay connected
-reflective strip on inside right leg that is exposed when you roll up your cuff
-reflective detail on rear left loop for added visibility
-high quality YKK zipper
-8 rivets to make them more durable
-stylish trim fit for everyday use

After I fell in love with the cut…there wasn't one thing I could find wrong with these jeans. Because of the seamless gusseted crotch I felt no discomfort when on the bicycle. None of that constant readjusting on the saddle to try and get that seam out from underneath you. The articulated knees and the cut paired together to create a joyous riding experience in jeans. I've never been able to say that before. And the reflective stripe on the right leg is just brilliant! Well…not if you have left-side drive, sorry Jim. Everything else like the pen pockets and cell phone jammer are small details that will either enhance or take away from the jean. I personally really like the pen pockets and cell jammer. They've come in very handy these last few weeks. No more dealing with what pocket to put the pen, phone and knife in because there is one for each of them.

The only jeans more comfortable than these on a bike have to be Andy from Fyxomatosis's acid-wash denim lycra…please someone find the picture and post it in the comments!

Swoop…HERE! Or head to your LBS and try them on, or tell them to get swrve or your going to start buying from Ben's Cycles. That'll make them mad…I promise.

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