swrve _blk label Merino Sweater.



For the past 8 years I’ve tried to exclusively ride bikes made in the US and I’ve done a pretty good job.  But before the Golden Saddle Cyclery Endo kits, my cycling wardrobe was almost entirely made overseas.  During the last year I’ve been trying to change that.  Bibs and jerseys were easy, Endo Customs is making all the kits that I’d wanna wear and they’re making them all here in Los Angeles.  Socks, arm, leg warmers and even gloves can be found from DeFeet and SmartWool. I was using a Search and State S1-Jacket until I decided it would be a good idea to rip the right sleeve off during a rowdy ride!  The last piece I was looking for was a performance wool, long-sleeve jersey to wear over a regular short-sleeve jersey.  The Rapha CycloCross Jersey was my go to for the last three years and while I loved it, I thought if I’m doing this…I’m going all the way. (I sure do miss that jersey).  Finding a replacement was not easy. Most of the wool jerseys made domestically are less performance oriented and the silhouettes are a bit old-timey.  The Woolistic types just don’t cut it for me.

After a few internet searches and asking around, I was at a loss.  Then I remembered the srve _blk label Merino Full-Zip Sweater, made right here in Los Angeles.  Initially I was a bit worried about the fit since it was designed to be worn with more casual cycling apparel.  I cruised down to swrve to try it on and found the medium was way too big, but the the extra-small was good to go!  I’ve been wearing this piece for about a month now, on all kinds of bikes, through all kinds of shit, and I am stoked.  It’s much warmer than the previous long-sleeves, which could be good, or bad. If it’s any hotter than 55 I’d leave it in the closet but if you live in a place with real winter or ride early in the morning/late at night, I’d really think about giving this sweater (jersey) a try. It has two external rear pockets (though I don’t recommend putting anything in them though, unless it weighs nothing), one internal mesh pocket, and a reflective hit on the back left hand side.

Check it out…HERE!

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