Support my friend, support Jim C!

I owe a lot to this man, he is one of the originals. Be it a messenger, street racer or even fixed gear freestyle. This guy was jumping down stuff on his Madison before J. Prollz even knew what a “fixie” was! I love this man…

and now he needs my help and I'm going to give it to him.

The Injured Cyclist Fund is a way for the cycling community to give to fellow bicyclists in their times of need.

At this time, all ICF donations are going to Jim Cadenhead,who is currently hospitalized due to a major crash during the annual Youth BMX overnight trip that he coordinates out to Atascadero. .

All of you who may Know Jim Cadenhead from Crankys Bike Shop know how much he has done for Santa Barbara bicycling. From the Bicycle Film Festival, to BMX trips for kids, and the constant support that comes out of his bare bones shop on State Street, Jim is a gift to this community. He will have significant medical bills from this injury and does not have health insurance. It's time for everyone to give back to Jim C!


Please, please, give anything. Even if it is only a dollar. I don't have advertising, no one pays me and I spend a lot of time curating this site to make it as pleasant as possible. I've never really asked my readers for anything but now I am. Please help.

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