Sugar Skull Radness!


Image from…HERE!

Anybody know anything about these?


  1. Jesse says:

    A reverse google image search led me to this weight weenies thread:, where the OP mentions he got it from It’s still available for $16:

  2. nick says:

    saw those here wanted to get a set

  3. Matt says:


    Tracko gave me a shoutout! Holla homie!

  4. Dan Shust says:

    Thanks for the traffic guys! The Sugar Skulls are pretty rad, but we still want to do some Tracko Kustomcaps!

    Dan Shust
    Chief Laser Jockey – Kustomcaps

  5. davey says:

    getting the rude boy!!

  6. chris says:

    Because of your post I ordered the Skull with purple bolt, thanks!

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