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  1. Hi there
    Just tried to translate the Berlin movie.
    Hope that helps:

    The idea for the store was to have it in a very lively area. So we searched for a store location about 10 years ago at “Schlesisches Tor” . Our first shop had 30 square meters. In the meantime we took over two other stores next to our first one. The initial idea was to do be a hub for the cycling couriers and to introduce people to the culture of cycling. It developed more and more into something like a museum and meeting point for all kinds of cycling enthusiats. We have a lot of exhibition pieces on the walls and people often ask: “How much is that one?”. Of course, the Cinelli tandem is not for sale. But it is an eye-catcher. Through the paintings and graffity stuff people understand that cycling is not only about cycling but also about art, design and not only doping and Lance Armstrong. It`s a mixture, so thats why we offer coffee also for people who have no interest in cycling. They can sit outside in the sun. We have always sun (laughs). It`s a good mixture which is open for everybody. Many have the prejudice that a bike is just a bike but there exists a culture around it. Thats why we do exhibitions. We also have changing exhibitions all around bikes. We have, for instance, bike stamps and stuff like that. Just to bring bicycle closer to normal regular guys who often thinks a racing bike is a racing bike, but “Wow, what is that? Olympia 1992, carbon frame, the guy won this or that race”. That really impresses people. Often times people just drop by and have a look around, are impressed and tell people about it. They tell other people about this bicycle culture. First it was just about fixed gear bikes and now we also provide cargo bikes. At the beginning people laughed about us. Now you can buy a fixed gear bike in every small bike shop in the smallest town. We still provide them, because it is our passion. The german national team also comes to us. But we also need to grow up so we sell cargo bikes too, because bikes are the future. One more bike is one less car.


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