“Ridiculous comparisons between Peter Sagan and Eddy Merckx.”


It has been an exciting spring. The early classics have been marked by unpredictable weather and unpredictable racing. The clear headline story, though, has been the ascension of Peter Sagan to the darling of the cycling media. This is not without good cause, as his performances in huge races have been great. I cannot help but be a little annoyed at just how quick we are to anoint Sagan as the greatest rider since sliced bread. He is impressive, young, and full of potential that he is beginning to fulfill—but if we are being objective, he is not even the best classics rider currently in the peloton.

This lack of perspective, has even led to what I would call ridiculous comparisons between Peter Sagan and Eddy Merckx. Now I’m no stranger to sports media hyperbole, but I have a hard time even putting Sagan in the same sentence as Merckx. This is no dig against Sagan. I just think we have lost perspective on just how unmatched Merckx was, and probably ever will be, in his accomplishments. So here is a healthy dose of perspective on the company in which you are putting Sagan, when you claim he is, “the next Merckx.”

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