Ride On! Bicycle Shop and Co-op!

Our beloved Leimert Park is under attack by gentrifiers and hostile landlords looking to displace folks at the earliest sign of hardship. With rents in the area skyrocketing, the ongoing construction to Crenshaw Blvd., businesses in the area are under immense pressure to remain open.

We all know what happens when we displace a Black-owned business. We know who’ll move in. RideOn! is more than just a bike shop. RideOn! provides critical education and enrichment programs for local youth. We have been on the front lines of improving street safety for the neighborhood, and we’ve been a very loud advocate for directing much needed public resources and money to the Leimert Park community.

Your donation will assist with general operations, and the launch of our new progams. More importantly, your support will ensure RideOn! and the other Leimert Park businesses remain within reach of The People.


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