Rest in peace Tom Teesdale.

You will be missed.


Somewhere in Tom Teesdale’s West Branch shop sits a steel bike frame, never to be finished.

Sean O’Harrow, director of the UI Museum of Art, said Teesdale was one of Iowa’s many “secret famous people.”

“He was kind of a machine in the sense that he was the ultimate bike builder, bike designer,” he said. “He was a real artist and a real craftsman, and a real revolutionary thinker.”

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2 Replies to “Rest in peace Tom Teesdale.”

  1. This is a bummer, but something in that article really struck me as strange. In the 42 years of this RABBRAI ride, there have been 29 deaths… That seems almost unbelievably high.

    1. For years people have criticized the Register for running RAGBRAI in late July, usually one of the hottest parts of the year in Iowa.

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