Rest in peace Tom Teesdale.

You will be missed.


Somewhere in Tom Teesdale’s West Branch shop sits a steel bike frame, never to be finished.

Sean O’Harrow, director of the UI Museum of Art, said Teesdale was one of Iowa’s many “secret famous people.”

“He was kind of a machine in the sense that he was the ultimate bike builder, bike designer,” he said. “He was a real artist and a real craftsman, and a real revolutionary thinker.”

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  1. This is a bummer, but something in that article really struck me as strange. In the 42 years of this RABBRAI ride, there have been 29 deaths… That seems almost unbelievably high.

    • Aaron Brunscheen says:

      For years people have criticized the Register for running RAGBRAI in late July, usually one of the hottest parts of the year in Iowa.

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