6 Replies to “Ramblin’ Roll Kits and a few vintage BDU Caps!”

    1. The problem this time, was that most people were looking at the Ramblin’ Roll page and not the Ramblin’ Roll Kit page. They lasted longer this time than they ever have before. Talking to Yanco about doing a pre-order thing…I’ll keep you posted and sorry about that. If we had the means to make a 1,000 of these things, rather than 50 at a time, we would. We want you guys to have these as much as you want them, I promise.

      1. Pre-order would be killer! Totally understand the issues you guys are dealing with and am still stoked on them, but yes, pre-order if at all possible!

      2. Pre-order!!! I was lucky to get a couple caps 2 years ago….fit my head perfect. Now I miss out every time. Oh and my ramblin’ roll is great and always with me. Thanks and keep up the good work.

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