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The Brotherhood of Big City BMX!




As any city kid knows, there is a pure joy to getting your first bike. Suddenly, you can venture beyond your block and explore foreign places — like neighborhoods, parks and bridges on the other side of the borough. Growing up in St. Albans, Queens, Elias Williams savored that freedom.

Although an accident led him to cut back on his riding a few years ago, Mr. Williams, 25, still enjoys the fraternity of the two wheels in his adopted borough, the Bronx. There, tucked between Yankee Stadium and the elevated tracks, he has been photographing the denizens of Mullaly Bike Park. Billed as the city’s oldest such park, he found a welcoming community of BMX riders who spin, glide up and down ramps, do 180-degree turns and more.

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SDR Traveller Bike Bags!



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Verge Fill Flash!


I’m really not sure what this photo is all about or selling(if anything) but I’m intrigued…saw it over at Milano Fixed. Anybody know anything about it?

Keep making the videos Terry!

And what a great idea for the jams!