NYC is Handsome!

Nice jams!

Pretty nice looking Track Bike from 8bar!


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A rad Rad Racing Jersey!


Images is an old one from Bike Night at The Hammer!

The ROS 9+ and one hell of a good time over at The Radavist!


The White Rim Trail in Utah’s Canyonlands NP has been on my radar for awhile. I imagined I would do it on a cross bike, carrying only the necessary food and water, one small camera and riding from the early morning to early evening. The reality ended up being quite a bit different. I rolled out on a Mid-Fat outfitted with custom bike bags, carrying 7 liters of water and enough food to feed a kindergarten class for two days! Shit… I even brought an abnormally large camera (at least for me) in addition to my standard point and shoot just because there was still room in the bags. I was rolling in luxury and the bike that made that possible was the Niner ROS 9+!

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This is old news to most, but figured I ought to share it here just in case.

This picture of jencrombz and I is pretty killer!


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