Holy Heavy Pedal!


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Took this photo of Andy Ellis’s Heavy Pedal Zephyr while at Bicycle Coffee LA this morning and thought I’d share it!

Strangers Snownago!


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Looks like Strangers Racing is doing a kit too!

This picture reminds me of that song I’M IN LOVE WIT DA COCO! BAKING SODA BAKING SODA!

That Gucci shit!



More Track Bike and Endo Customs crushed it with this one!


World Cycling Championships Stamp!


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Japan, 1990. Design: Takashi Shimizu

Selle Anatomica Comfy Carbon Campaign…


We’re teaming with local aerospace and carbon composite experts from private industry and the University of California San Diego. Our goal is to make the world’s first truly comfortable ultra lightweight saddle. For $199, support our project and be the first to own a limited edition of the world’s first truly comfortable ultra lightweight saddle with leaf spring damping. Your contribution will support research into an industry first comfort algorithm so that we can translate the benefits of leather to carbon. It will also support mold design and machining, and the purchase of parts and equipment necessary for production. Most importantly, your contribution supports American industry and will directly create jobs.

More info…HERE!

This is very interesting…I look forward to giving one of these a go! Is Carbon vegan?

p.s. Selle Anatomica…please take better photos next time.