Pretty Damned Fast: A Shared Legacy



I’m training with a women’s development team for my first race in Central Park. My coach and the team captain are both women, and they’re teaching me all the lingo: Hold your line! Hug her wheel! Keep your RPMs up! Get into your drops! All while avoiding the bonk.
While technology has changed over the last 35 years, the glory of winning has stayed the same. Women’s cycling is actually a thing now, but so many of the rituals have stayed the same.

When my mom talks about her cycling experience, she doesn’t distinguish herself against men. She trained and raced with men, wore men’s clothing, and rode a men’s bicycle. It would be another two and a half decades before one of her sponsors—Specialized—would introduce its first women’s bicycle…

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Winners kiss who they want, and checkout those warmup pants and Adidas sandals on the podium, such style!!!

This is a good looking fork-crown!


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I really wish there was more photos of it though.

Heritage Bicycles shop visit…




Earlier this year when I was visiting Louisville for NAHBS I met Mike Salvatore, the owner of Heritage in Chicago. I had heard of his operation through the special edition collaborations he’s done with builders like Stinner and Humble, but honestly didn’t know much else about the business. Mike filled me in a little bit on his past, what he is working towards and invited me to stop by for a visit before my flight out of Chicago…

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More bikes…more wonders…

Track Vibes with Alpenrose!



These would look so rad with the Golden Saddle Cyclery Velodrome kit!

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