Nice bootleg Save The Track Bike sticker!


At least I don’t have to worry about Urban Outfitters ripping me off.


  1. stanb14 says:

    you’re worried about a copy of sticker with a good message? get a grip. it’s not like you trademarked anything. public domain. let the people feel good about that message.

    • Adam says:

      @stanb14 He’s just pointing out a stupid knock-off vinyl sticker; one he’s been making for years that only cost $2. Kyle does plenty for his local cycling community, much in the effort of actually saving the track bike (ie. recent GSC Grand Prix). This sticker isn’t trying to spread a message or help a cause, it’s simply to maintain a status quo.

  2. tnroahu says:

    IG: @jangdaeyeol

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