New Mavic Open Pros!!!


GSC was lucky enough to build a set of the new and improved Mavic Open Pros that Sean Talkington has been working on with them for ages!!! Sean passed off the new hoops which are wider and lighter than the originals to us to build up for his Stinner Frameworks that will be in the Campy booth at NAHBS!!! These new hoops will be made in France too!!!

With an inner width of 19mm, Mavic has updated their Open Pro rims with a modern look, new finish, and an improved braking surface thanks to their Exalith technology. With claims of these new hoops being lighter and stronger than ever, Mavic is excited to bring back this classic rim. More details to come, but for now, thanks to Sean Talkington for the photos.

More images at The Radavist!

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