Nelson Vail’s Documentary!

Super psyched!  If anyone knows anything about this, like who’s making it, release date, etc.  Please let us know.

For those of you that have been visiting this site for sometime, you’ve probably seen this autograph from my main man Nelson Vails before.  So I apologize if you’re tired of seeing it but I post it whenever I can because it’s the only autograph besides John Prolly’s that I really care about!

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    1. Hi folks, I am the producer behind The Nelson Vails Story: A documentary film. My company is currently in the development for this spectacular film. We are set to shoot this December in Nelson’s hometown of Harlem, New York. We’re aiming to release the film in the spring of 2013. Please standby for my updates.

  1. The reason why the Nelson Vails Story remains a mystery is because we only posted a teaser online to gauge people’s interest. Apparently it worked!! We still are developing the project for Nelson so check back for updates.

    Currently, my other documentary CRUZIN’ will screen in select Regal and Regency theaters in Orange County, CA next month. We will also release the official DVD and soundtrack shortly for all the Tony Cruz fans and cycling enthusiasts out there. Please visit the movie site for more information

  2. Nelson’s older sister Earlise dated my best friend Earl back in the day. One Christmas his mother asked us to help put together his new bike. I am not sure if it was his first bike but years later when I watched him at the Olympics there was a lot of pride seeing that young man and where his life had taken him.

    I got to this page today because I was watching a movie featuring NYC bike messengers and told my friend about Nelson. I was unsure of a fact and needed to fact check . The answer was YES he was the first African American to win in that level of competition.


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