Mimbres Man!

I’m always trying to find a jersey that’s not a jersey…


and a couple weeks ago Ty gifted me this jersey/shirt from Mimbres Man.

I’ll go ahead and get this over with…*WARNING* this shirt is not for everyone. It’s made of a prehistoric non-technical fabric called cotton(hand woven Guatemalan), it’s very boxy, and a bit hippy dippy. With that being said, I’d say it’s pretty perfect for me and if you’re anything like me, you’ll probably dig it!

If you’re thinking about swooping I’d highly suggest sizing up. I wear a medium in almost all jerseys but have a large and it fits exactly how it should.

Check it out…HERE!

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  1. Drug Rug style!
    I actually like cotton for the super hot and dry conditions here in Utah (and New Mexico) come late summer. Cotton will keep you cooler longer, than any techno-poly textile, when it is “100 degrees in the shade.”

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