Merckx “on a tandem with Hinault” Monday!


Someone please translate this video for me!


  1. olivier says:

    ahaha… don’t have time to translate/watch the whole thing but… there are some details about the record du monde de l’heure vélo that I didn’t know

    for instance the fork is more akin to a road fork (merckx wanted more or less the same position as on the road)

    also hineault seems to observe that the record pedals cages have been… “profilées”


  2. olivier says:

    they are talking about progresses made in aerodynamics between 72 and 78…. and even racing suits materials which become more … synthetic and breathable for hinault’s generation…
    he says eddy’s very big gear ratio (52/14) …. is a new standard you must use if you wish to break the record.

    end is rly weird when the journalist asks hinault … if he doesn’t think he’s… too short / doesn’t have the same leverage as eddy…. he acknowledges that… but… kind of suggests he’s lighter… …. akward moment !

    we get the impression that they are very knowledgeable in mechanics/technical aspects

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