Merckx Monday: Mission 20FIFTEEN


Mission 20FIFTEEN is an artist project which coincides with the construction of a velodrome in Milton, Ontario, Canada for the 2015 PanAm Games in Toronto!


The illustrations take approximately 5 weeks to complete. Each one is made up of hundreds of individual and individual drawings to make up a complete bike. They are all created in Adobe Illustrator making the style 100% vector. This allows me be extremely precise with the art, along with that I am able to give the overall look to the bikes a perfect finish, matching paint, shadows and highlights. The bikes now serve as an archive to a specific period and era in cycling that these athletes competed in.​

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The summer of 2015 will mark the start of the PAN AM games in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The town of Milton will be the host site of the track cycling events and a permanent velodrome is being constructed as part of the ongoing legacy of the games. ​

​In order to build the facility a fund raising effort is now underway to help build what will be known as the home of cycling in Canada. As a resident of Milton, and an avid cyclist my contribution to the fundraising is my art. I will making a donation from the sales of each print sold from this site until the completion of the fundraising effort.
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    Thanks again and you got a great blog here.


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