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  1. The picture is about 2 years old and has been approved for a fashion company.
    I forgot the name of the company for which the images have been made.

    That’s definitely the Albert Rudge Velodrome in Cologne germany where the picture has been taken.

    greetings from berlin

  2. I remember when these cam out a few years back. I did a little digging and found this Behind the Scenes for the shoot that should fill in the gaps. The image is from a shoot by Kristina Walther for STW2D magazine from back in August 2011.



  3. I remember seeing a set of photos including this one, in the january ’12 edition of the “streetwear today” magazine.

  4. what i don’t understand is why they don’t just get girls that ride track to pose. instead of having models pose next to road bikes, on the track, with a dude riding circles in the background. what?

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