Merckx Monday!


Doesn’t this look like a Weegee photo? The first time I ever saw this image, I was bit confused about how a Weegee murder photograph got posted on some hip cycling tumblr, but after further inspection I realized it was Eddy Merckx after a crash at the track.

It’s not about if it’s going to happen…because it will. Crashing is inevitable, even the gods must fall.


  1. Riccardo says:

    There’s 2 types of people that ride bikes.
    People that have fallen
    People that are going to fall

  2. That’s the 1969 crash the killed his derny driver, Fernand Wambst, and damaged Eddy’s back, causing him to begin his endless and famous positional tinkering as he tried to alleviate the pain. He had dominated that year’s Tour but always said he was never the same rider after this terrible fatal accident.

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