Jake’s latest greatest…

Jake *Laali* Ricker  a.k.a @jesusaintsavingshit  made a collaborative zine featuring myself, Kyle Johnson, Chas, Jason Yim, Kyler Martz, and many more to try and help his wife pay off some pretty outstanding medical bills.  The zine is called Amalgamate and is available for $12.  Just paypal jakericker@gmail.com the 12 dollars and don’t forget to write your address in the notes portion of your payment.

Zines on zines! New 70 page collaborative zine Amalgamate I put together with some very talented friends to help with some pretty crazy bills from my wife’s broken leg. To help out and order PayPal $12 as a “gift” to jakericker @gmail.com. And include your address. Also still selling my other zine Born ToDie. $12 each or $20 for both. Thanks you so much to everyone who helped out with this. You know who you are and zines will be in your hands soon.


First round, going out today!

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