I’ve seen tight ass jeans, messenger bags…

and all kinds of other wacky shit being worn at the track but this takes the cake.

Well…I guess the tights and leather tasseled sweaty could work but that dress, probably not.

More photos…HERE!

One Reply to “I’ve seen tight ass jeans, messenger bags…”

  1. Hey there! Haha this is funny as. Thanks heaps for the link, I apreciate it!
    I have used a push bike as my sole use of transportation practically my whole life and LOVE cycling. Being a fashion designer /stylist I have been known to ride (especially to parties) in all sorts of crazy ass shit! This velodrome is just down the road from my house in Melbourne and when I came across it one day on one of my bike rides I was really stoked and very inspired. I shot my latest lookbook in this velodrome because I loved it’s cool painted, faded track lines and graffiti, also for the fact that it’s really desolate looking which was perfect for the photographic style I was after inspired by photographer William Eggleston. I wasn’t suggesting riding in a velodrome in these outfits but now that you mention it, I love the thought!! 🙂
    Great blog, nice layout and content. Cheers! Kate.

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