It’s sock season!

High grade 15.5 micron merino yarn is beautifully soft, breathable and temperature regulating. Not to mention basically unheard of outside of the world’s most expensive suits. Designed for comfort, durability and style, we think they’re the nicest socks we’ve ever worn.

Merino wool works its magic on your feet just like anywhere else you wear it. It’s temperature regulating, wicking, and bacterially static so you can wear them longer between washes. High snap elastane so they stay up. Nylon plated at the heel and toe so they last longer. Terry knit merino on the inside to keep you cozy. Mesh knit on top to keep air circulating. A flat knit drop stitch seamless toe to keep them comfortable all the way till the end. Stick your foot in and try them, we think you’ll understand.

Available in Black now for $24 or pick up three for $60, and if you want to get a whole months worth… pick up 31 for $555. Returns or exchanges need to be brand new in unworn condition.


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