It’s not easy to reinvent the bag…

but it looks like S S C Y has done a pretty good job of it!



There’s a reason why we’re making what we are… because it does not exist. We had to make it. We needed it.

Perpetually in motion, we are artists, writers, bikers, skateboarders, designers, always moving and always moving things; who have to be prepared for inclement weather, spontaneous jaunts, adventure, mishaps, and most importantly the muse.

We’re based in Brooklyn and our product is purposely made with heart by experienced local bag craftsman in special limited quantities to preserve quality. We’re trying to make something new not just the same old same old. We want to make something that doesn’t exist or make it better and smarter. Innovate. We want to have a reason for what we make to exist and not just a prettier version of what’s out there. We want to add to the conversation. We want to bring something new. We make what we want and what we need. Instead of waiting for someone else to do it, we’re choosing to do it ourselves on our own terms. We hope that what makes sense to us, makes sense to you.

Our aim is to make quality pieces that are smart, simple, functional, durable, and versatile – the right piece for the right moment. It’s not about our bag; it’s about our needs.


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