Is this real?



  1. Otis Hatfield says:

    Nope… Sadly its a photoshop, no hole in the omniums and the chainstay is weird.

  2. cb says:

    Yep it’s real. 2015 CAAD10 Track 1. $2000. It looks fucking amazing in person.

  3. Mikael says:

    It’s on here: for more pics!

  4. tracko says:
  5. REMspeedwagon says:

    No both are fake. There is no hole visible on the crankset leading to the entire scene in the second photo being unreal, rather a rendering of the possible future 2015 Cannondale model in aid of the ongoing conspiracy of classic Cannondale track prices on eBay

  6. james says:

    its real they start shipping july

  7. just because it is photoshopped does not mean it isnt legit.
    all catalog photos are photoshopped.

  8. REMspeedwagon says:

    He did say the chainstays look a bit weird tho. I am entirely kidding and I hope to see more production track bikes :)


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