If you don’t know…now you know.

If you’re a late comer to the site…you may want to read something before proceeding any further…

Although it may not seem like it, due to Tracko never posting freestyle stuff anymore, Kyle Kelley owner and creator of Trackosaurus Rex was the first dude to post a video of my riding back in like 08. Even before that, I was a loyal follower of the blog and posted in the comments section on the daily. I know that some of you definitely remember that insane photo that was on the splash page for a few years of Sean Callahan (R.I.P.) carving that bowl on a Bianchi Pista Concept. Wild.

Things might not get posted on Tracko anymore but that site still had a HUGE influence on fixed gear freestyle and how it morphed into its current stage. Kyle even shredded himself for a while and was pushing it for sure. There was a photo of him jumping down some stairs with his EAI Bare Knuckle. If I remember correctly Keo Curry modeled Tracko Ts for the web store and always had photos and footage posted on the site and all of that material was clearly way ahead of its time.

text from WRAHW!

There aren’t that many people I like to watch rip it up on fixed gear freestyle bikes but anytime Torey drops a new edit, I’m at least 30 of those views you see in the statistics(that’s about how many views you need to figure out what the hell he’s actually doing).  I’m a huge fan of individual style and that is something Torey definitely has!

p.s. I was doing a pop-up, to a one handed wheelie down the steps!

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