I hope you have as much fun…

this weekend as I did this night!

Image from…HERE!

That was the first and last night I would ever wear a Search and State S1-J Jacket. R.I.P


  1. adam says:

    What happened to the jacket??

    • tracko says:

      Sleeve got ripped off during a tactical training exercise. Hopefully I can get someone to repair, but no luck yet.

  2. Allen says:

    Hey Tracko,

    What did you do during your “tactical training exercise” that caused the sleeve to rip from your SAS S1-J jacket? I was thinking about picking this up for casual commuting and off-saddle around town activities but would like your opinion since you have handled one in person. Do you have any other suggestions of breathable waterproof jackets/hoodies that could be worn with simply a t-shirt underneath for southern California weather?


    • tracko says:

      The sleeve was snagged by a chain-link fence, while doing a bit of corndogging. It’s a great jacket and I’d highly recommend it. The only issue I’ve had with the jacket is, when grit and grime get into the zipper it becomes a bit problematic.

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