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Brunt’s riding mottos are simple and straightforward: “Plan a route and ride it.” “Eat early, eat often.” “Pack light, freeze at night.” And if there is one credo to rule them all, it is this: “Do things where you don’t know if it’s possible.”

This worldview began during Brunt’s youth in Omaha, Nebraska — a place that, especially in the gray of winter, inspires a stoic approach to the enjoyment of life. As a teen, Brunt sold his car and lived for nine years sans automobile. “It was a springboard to a lot of other things,” he said. “There was no other option. I kind of like that, in terms of living with the bike.”

In college, he delivered Jimmy John’s sandwiches by bicycle. His first week, he was hit by a car and broke his arm. His second week, he was back on the bike delivering sandwiches with his arm in a sling. In his work, he honored the chain’s “Freaky Fast” delivery promise. “I could ride seventy-five to a hundred miles in one shift,” he said. “All sprint efforts.”

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