Good Design in the Bike Shop: The NCC Barn Quilt Project.


The Barn Quilt Project was born out of my desire to create something as a harbinger that would hint at where we’re going with the North Central Cyclery brand in the near future. In 2014, we will celebrate ten years of being North Central Cyclery. It’s been an incredible decade, and we’ve been looking forward to refreshing our brand at the ten year mark. We’ve settled on a reference point, philosophically and historically, from which we’ll build our revised brand. We’ll share more of that as it develops. We’re excited to engage the community in this process, since that truly is what we’re all about: people.

The Barn Quilt Project is pointing in that direction, but it is not the new logo itself. We wanted to have something rich with cultural, historical, and geographical meaning. Barn Quilts stuck in our minds because they carry all of these qualities. Barn Quilts have rich history in the Midwest. They act as a rural coat-of-arms for farm families. Some quilts played a role in the Underground Railroad, as certain block patterns were coded messages, leading to safe passage and to freedom. They’re not something you see here in town, but something you see out on long rides in the country. We like long rides in the country.

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