Good Design in the Bike Shop: Kent Cycle

While I know very little about this shop in Kent, OH, I’m a huge fan of their branding and the huge hand painted sign outside their building.  It’s refreshing to see this kind of stuff popping up all over the bike industry.  If you’d like to know more about Kent Cycle, definitely checkout their Facebook page and if you’re are in and or around Kent, OH, definitely pay them a visit.  Hopefully you guys have water bottles and t-shirts because I want to purchase both!

Keep up the Good Design in The Bike Shop!

2 Replies to “Good Design in the Bike Shop: Kent Cycle”

  1. Did a six year undergrad. at KSU, and the summer of my last year this shop opens up a few blocks from the house. They’ve got some great stuff there including some built up Surly bikes hanging off the walls. And off course, classic logo. Way to pull my alma mater out of the hat, Tracko!!! I’m glad your back on the blog!!!!!!!!

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