Geekhouse “Razzle Dazzle” Kit Pre-Order!


“We’ve been enjoying what is hands down our favorite season of New England CX we’ve ever been a part of! Now it’s your turn to join in the action by rocking the same kits that have been burning your eyes all season long! The NECX Community is thriving on a level that can only be conveyed through #vibes based hash-tags and pure-unadulterated #partyjammin. We’ve been razzling and dazzling all season long and we’re thrilled to invite you to join us!

We’ve got extremity warmers and slimsuits and sippy cups, #bro my! Don’t hesitate to shout it from the mountain tops with any combination of items that are literally guaranteed to burn a hole-shot straight through the corneas of the competition.

The kits were designed by Adria Klora and manufactured by Endo Customs, both in LA. Our team came together with tremendous support from our friends at Massachusetts’-finest: Cuppow. And the inspiration for it all came from that time Marty fell off a swing and hit his head on a turtle in 1983. It has been a great experiment in domestic production, partnership, and bleeding edge #razzledazzle hyper-visibility technology-vibes-zone-times.”

More pics of the Geekhouse “Razzle Dazzle” jim jammer…HERE!

Pre-order these bad boys…HERE!

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