FUSO is back!

While the new FUSOs are not build by Dave Moulton, they are built by his apprentice Russ Denny.  You can read a little bit about Russ at Moulton’s old blog…HERE! The picture above is Russ tapping a bottom bracket in a FUSO sometime from the early 80’s.  The new FUSO is a bike brand built on history and the amazing craftsmanship of Dave Moulton’s only apprentice Russ Denny.  They have a full site up showcasing four different bikes: the FUSO Original, OS-Lug, OS-Tig and the OS-Twin.  The OS-Twin is based on the old Colnago BiTitan design.  I’ve been lusting over FUSOs for years and now I can actually have one without pulling it out of someone’s dieing arms.  No one gets rid of their FUSO.

Fuso’s frame building experience dates back to 1957, where Dave Moulton first learned this craft from a man named Albert ‘Pop’ Hodge in Luton, England. Dave made frames under his own name, Recherche, and once in the US built for MASI, then under John Howard, and finally FUSO in 1984. His apprentice, Russ Denny, continues the legend of FUSO with 25 years of his own experience. There is the original, and three new models, that all carry the FUSO ride characteristics that made the bike one of the most sought after in the 1980s.

FUSO Bicycles!

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