Furry Camo Poler Kits!

It’s not too often you get to wear a skinsuit, so I must say I’m pretty psyched for these Poler Fuzzy Camo Kits!

The Poler Fuzzy Camo Cycling Kit!

The Poler Camo Cycling kit is now available for pre-order.  Order either Green or Black today and get it in time for Christmas.  Great gift for your significant other, complete stranger, or yourself.  Made in USA by Endo Customs.  SOLD AS A COMPLETE SET with jersey, bibs, and armwarmers in green or black Furry Camo.  $300 bucks gets you the set, email nate@polerstuff.com to reserve yours.  Pre-order is only open till Friday November 9th, 2012.  After Friday these fine kits will not be available to the masses for sometime. 

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