Fiber to Farm for Skida via mountain bike at Kitsbow!

Corinne Prevot, founder and owner of Skida, a headwear company known for its fresh and vibrant prints, invited friends Katy Kirkpatrick and Lani Bruntz to join her cashmere pilgrimage to Nepal with mountain bikes. From the factory visits in Kathmandu to the search for Chyangra goats in the Mustang Region of the Himalayas, they traced an age-old cashmere supply chain on two wheels.


It’s hard to define one single motivator for this assembly of friends to courageously ride around Nepal’s vast landscapes and Kathmandu’s bustling streets. But oddly enough, the main inspiration behind this rugged and remote adventure was cashmere. The goal was to visit the knitting and weaving factories in the bustling city of Kathmandu, and then follow the figurative thread of cashmere fiber to its source – goats raised in the high-altitude Mustang Region mountains. Fiber-to-farm via mountain bike…


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