Exactly 30 years ago today…

Francesco Moser decided it’d be a good idea to take the One Hour Record away from Eddy Merckx. Well…sorta.



Exactly 30 years ago, Francesco Moser set a new Hour Record of 51.151km/h at altitude in Mexico City, marking a new era of sports science and bike technology that would revolutionise professional cycling.

Moser was 32 at the time and seemed in the final chapter of his career. Yet using disc wheels and an aerodynamic time trial bike, with coaching and preparation by Francesco Conconi, he smashed Eddy Merckx’s seemingly unbeatable record of 49.431km. Moser first set a new record of 50.808km on January 19 and then extended the record even further to 51.151km on January 23.

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There’s also a large photo gallery with some black and white photos that I’ve never seen before.

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  1. I would have to say that I honestly am finding myself quite confused about the popular bike blogs of this day and age.
    Who are you, John and Andy attempting to appeal to? What is your fanbase?
    It could be said that the fanbase is quite vast and in fact encompasses a large range of humans, but we all know our obsession in the western world with materialism and how it ultimately effects the consciousness of other parts of the world.o

    We live in times where people within our country are factually suffering as much as some did in the great depression, the only difference is the powers at be and the ability they have to mask such things under a haze of a rapid fire succession of amenities.

    Though this is true, I see visuals that contradict the harsh reality. Perhaps its a subconscious condition that has conditioned some minds to perpetuate the facade that things are ok. Well whatcan one do? You are not to blame, we all have become passive observers in Roman times.

    The real question becomes, how is this effecting our collective consciousness as a planet? What are we leaving behind?

  2. C’mon man we’re waiting for a explanation.how dare you portray a life in this country without misery!..at least john would of came up with SOME response.haha.

    P.s. All in all..Keep up the good work.

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