6 Replies to “Colnago Bonded SOMETHING Double Downtube Track Bike?!”

  1. Colnago made Bitubos and Carbitubos essentially meaning “two tubes” and “carbon two tubes” respectively. The carbitubos are mostly not fully painted, so as to show off their carbon. But this is probably repainted by virtue of not having bitubo or carbitubo written on the TT.

    I was told that Colango didn’t make these in house but that it was the boys at Piton that made all of them. Piton are probably best known for their double down tube bikes such as:
    But I don’t know if this is true. Google doesn’t have a wealth of info, and I guess I don’t care enough to go hunting.

  2. It looks more like an Alan built bicycle. I know they were used to make an aluminum lugged Guerciotti frames in the early 80’s. They are super flexy, but that never stopped Sean Kelly from smashing on one!

  3. Well, I actually own a bike based on this frame, my friend got this frame from italian team
    ‘s member long ago, in the 80’ hę says. He sold me this bike 5 yrs ago and I started searching for any info on this unusual gear.

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