New Multicam Webbing Yanco & Tracko Ramblin’ Rolls!

Anybody need a Ramblin’ Roll? Yanco found this super rad Multicam webbing, so I had him make 50 Black and 50 Olive Drab(shown here) Ramblin’ Rolls using the webbing!!! Yanco and I have never had this many Ramblin’ Rolls on hand to be sold at once, we’ve always done pre-orders. So these will be shipping late this week, there will be no wait time for production, only person you’ll be waiting on is your Postwoman or Postman! We also haven’t sold Ramblin’ Rolls in over a year, so I can’t even explain my excitement to not have to do a pre-order!



I really did get to hang out!

Thanks for hanging out Annalisa and if you’re interested in hearing what we talked about, listen below!


The coolest Ramblin’ Roll to date…

is still available for pre-order at Team Dream Bicycle Team!


Another Ramblin’ Roll Pre-order!



Happy Birthday John!


Image from…HERE!

Her’s to another year of being a Radavist!