Merckx Monday: Rizla Chewing Gum


You ask, “Why is this a Merckx Monday?”

Thanks for the 40 year old chewing gum Zach!

Last day for the Damian Fulton show is today!



Get to WACKO and get RAD!

If you can’t make it, you can see a digital gallery of the show…HERE!

Rest in peace Tom Teesdale.

You will be missed.


Somewhere in Tom Teesdale’s West Branch shop sits a steel bike frame, never to be finished.

Sean O’Harrow, director of the UI Museum of Art, said Teesdale was one of Iowa’s many “secret famous people.”

“He was kind of a machine in the sense that he was the ultimate bike builder, bike designer,” he said. “He was a real artist and a real craftsman, and a real revolutionary thinker.”

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Merckx Monday: The 1970 Tour De France

Don’t think it’s worth it…


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