Tyrannosaurus Rex!


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Love this DETAIL SHOT of the hub!

This FYXO gallery made my heart swell!



John had been talking up LA and for a long time I’d wanted to meet Kyle of Trackosaurus fame. I can still remember getting an email from him when he launched his blog in 2006 – a beautiful blue Ciocc was one of the feature bikes. Prior to FYXO, the only other websites vaguely related to fixed gear were Old Skool Track, Fixed Gear Gallery, and a thread in Bike Forums. Many ‘blogs’ have come, planned to take over the world, and gone in the same breath, and the stayers have stayed for good reason. The internet can be a bizarre playing field and I’m always excited to meet the people behind the brand, avatar or email.

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I really wish this was…

the history of cycling clothing.


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Or this…


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More Freewheelin’ Talk!


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Funny this t-shirt walks into the shop the day after Freewheelin’ was shared with the world!

Two smokin’ Track Bikes!



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