Looking for a bike messenger in Toronto…

to do me a favor! And yes…I’d be paying!


If you’re interested, please shoot me an email at trackosaurusrex at gmail dot com. If not, then checkout the all time greatest bicycles messenger photographs from Toronto…HERE!

Thanks in advance!

A day with Pelizzoli…

Videos make my day a lot easier!

A pic a day…while I’m away.


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I’ve always been pretty impressed with QBP’s catalog design and I am even more so, after entering the QBP facilities and seeing the wall of framed catalog covers. This one stuck out in particular, anybody know what year this was?

Erik Zo: My first NJS frame and more about Keirin.



The following should not be taken as fact…it is written from my sometimes sloppy memory…I doubt there are any grave errors but any numbers shoud be fact checked before taking them as true facts (in other words don’t use this information for Wikipedia or even your school report on Keirin)

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Always worth the read!

See that bike POP!


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