Andy Warhol and Mos Def!



My two favorite Hybrids from John’s show!

A Celebration of Beautiful Bob Williams…


Meet NSC Velodrome’s Track Director and Official Resident Ray of Sunshine: Bob “Beautiful Bob” Williams. Here he is accepting an expertly crafted award from the women of May’s introductory track class.

See, the women’s field has exploded over the past year thanks to Bob’s support. He’s given us clinics and has come out of retirement to personally instruct them. He’s worked with us to establish track time for women’s specific track practice. He drives the motor for us. He’s been a huge advocate for us. And last night, he gave us the first Women’s Cat 4 Only race on this track…

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Thank you for this Anna!

Merckx Monday!



Welcome to the future or maybe the past…

Anybody know the full story about these very rare NJS Track Bikes?



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You can see a better shot of Ryan’s Nitto(Gan Well Pro) Track Bike…HERE!

Merckx Monday: Remember to eat!