It hasn’t always been photoshopped rainbows and bobcats!


Checkout this great interview with Sean from Team Dream Bicycling Team over at Cycling Tips!

CyclingTips: So, when did you start Team Dream?

Talkington: Where to begin? My friends and I had played with the idea of a fictional race team for some time, but Team Dream officially started in 2013. I was working at a bike shop in LA called Golden Saddle Cyclery (GSC). Those guys were (and still are) doing some awesome stuff and I was lucky enough to be friends with them, after 27 monthly installments of $999.99 (laughs).

In the beginning, Team Dream Bicycling Team was a spin off of GSC in a way. As far as the inspiration for the brand is concerned, my best friend and I went to Italy for the Giro in 2012. After the race, we traveled around for another month riding the Alps and making friends. You can’t help but notice how passionate Italians are about their professions and you can see it in the quality of product they produce.

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TDBT also produced a special set of goodies for the Cycling Tips Emporium and you can see it all…HERE!

Merckx Monday: The proper way to wear a cycling cap!


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All of the luft!!!

New Mavic Open Pros!!!


GSC was lucky enough to build a set of the new and improved Mavic Open Pros that Sean Talkington has been working on with them for ages!!! Sean passed off the new hoops which are wider and lighter than the originals to us to build up for his Stinner Frameworks that will be in the Campy booth at NAHBS!!! These new hoops will be made in France too!!!

With an inner width of 19mm, Mavic has updated their Open Pro rims with a modern look, new finish, and an improved braking surface thanks to their Exalith technology. With claims of these new hoops being lighter and stronger than ever, Mavic is excited to bring back this classic rim. More details to come, but for now, thanks to Sean Talkington for the photos.

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My Stinner Frameworks Grateful Shred!


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The Cheetah at the 2017 NAHBS!


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If you’re in SLC…stop by and see him!