Style Kings and Queens! Toronto Bike Messengers!




You don’t see a lot of bike couriers anymore; the job has been a casualty of e-mail, like a lot of other ones. Breadspreads is long gone, and whenever I’m downtown I’m surprised when I see even a single bike courier racing between the cars on their way from one office tower to another, carrying something that obviously resists digitization, whatever that might be.

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Photos by Rick Mcginnis!

Cosigh for Cicli Devotion!


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Merckx Monday: Always love seeing the Hour Record Bike!


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Merckx Monday: Do you know your Merckxabet?



Bicycling asked Eddie Merckx to give them a word and description for every letter of the alphabet and this is what he came up with! You can see the article in the new Bicycling and they’re selling the patches and the posters!!!

Oh No! Cycling Anime!