Super rad Richard Mitchelson TDF print!


Here’s a new print I’ve been working on… It’s an A-Z of the riders from my childhood that I used to zoom about my local streets in Yorkshire pretending to be, hearing Phil Liggett’s voice in my head all the way to the top of local hills or sprinting home from a local kick about… I hope you like it. If you fancy one, email me they’re A3 and £45.

I believe that’s around 75USD.

Also checkout the one he did for Velo House!

David Flores for Division 1: Track Bike Prints!






And if you don’t know who Damian Fulton is…

get ready to get RADICAL!


You have seen BMX come a long way since the days of Sting Rays, ape-hanger bars and banana seats. Why don’t you educate everyone out there about your roots in BMX?

I’m going to sound like that old crusty uncle that yammers, “In my day, we didn’t have any high flutin’ chrome-ology technology on our 20 inchers! We rode real bicycles made of steel, that weighed more than a Volkswagen. Now that was riding!” So let’s just say we were racing around on home made dirt tracks imitating motocrossers before the term Bicycle Motocross was invented.

Continue getting rad…HERE!

Tim Krabbé – Riding!

Merckx Monday: Molteni Support Car Print!