Who wants to go on a road trip?



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Nothing like seeing old friends…

and new friends…doing what they do best!


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I haven’t seen Brean in sometime now, but I bet he’s still the raddest and most kind messenger out there!

Merckx Monday!


Bicycle Super Swap this weekend!

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Good Design in the Bike Shop: Team Dream Bicycling Team !



Many years ago, long before I even owned a 10 speed, I bought my first cycling cap and jersey at a yard sale in my neighborhood. I picked them up just because they looked cool and made no connection to their actual purpose. There was absolutely no road cycling scene where I grew up, so I thought the Campy cap was a really cool painters cap and the wool jersey was just a crazy shirt with pockets on the back! But it was definitely those two pieces that helped ignite my interest in the sport.

A few years down the line, when I got into cycling more seriously, I was disappointed by the lack of character and soul in the current available apparel. I was looking for the bold colors and patterns that existed in the classic pieces I picked up at that yard sale and I just couldn’t find them. As time went on my appreciation for those bold colors and patterns turned into a career in design and my enthusiasm for cycling has become an obsession. The eventual result of bringing those things together, to make the cycling apparel that I wanted but couldn’t find, is Team Dream.

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